Canter Culture's "Houndstooth" Athletic Breech REVIEW

I recently came across a new startup riding apparel company local to the Austin area offering equestrians the choice of modern colors, patterns and textures not typically seen at the barn. All while featuring the high quality and functionality that every rider wants. Since supporting local businesses is my thing, I was thrilled when I was sent my own pair of Canter Culture Athletic Breeches!

I usually ride in jeans so I was a bit skeptical if these breeches would be able to replace my go-to jeans for a day at the barn, running a few errands and chores around the house. However, after a full day of wearing my Canter Culture Houndstooth Athletic Breech...I'm sold!

Size: Small / 4-6 (I usually wear a size 4 in pants, 5'4", 125 pounds and have had children)

Pattern: Houndstooth

Specs: Sweat Wicking, Quick Drying, 4-Way Stretch, Antimicrobial, Compression Fabric

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With any great product there are usually things we love and things that are important to consider based on your body type. Read below for some of my pros and cons for this pair of Canter Culture Athletic Breeches!


High and wide waistband - I love the support and coverage the high and wide waistband provides. 

Sweat-wicking, fast-drying & antimicrobial fabric - Do I need to say more? 

Full-seat clear silicone grips - The snaffle bit design is too cute! 

Belt loops - You can easily fit a wider belt through these 2 inch loops so you're not limited by what you choose to wear with your breeches

Large side pockets - I'm a big fan of large side pockets, especially when riding. Comfortable and you won't be checking your phone ever minute to make sure it hasn't slid out of your back pocket! 


High and Wide Waistband - If you're on the shorter side and have had children the bottom of the waistband hits closer to that "mommy pooch" area and might not be as flattering if you're not sporting a six pack. I was able to bring the waistband down to alleviate this, but then had a bit of extra fabric in the crouch area. Sizing up might help fix this issues, but it is to be expected with any athletic breeches made from structured compression fabric. It wasn't a deal breaker, but on a when I'm not feeling my best I can see myself choosing not to wear these based on this one factor.

Sweat-wicking, fast-drying & antimicrobial fabric - I'm not sure how warm they will be during winter or if you're riding in the wind. The fabric seems tailored towards Texas summer weather. Which is great for us Texans, but maybe not so much for those equestrians up in the Northern states. Will we be seeing a winter breech in the future, fingers crossed! 

Full-seat clear silicone grips - You can't see the silicon snaffle bits with the Houndstooth pattern. 

These Canter Culture "Houndstooth" Athletic Breeches are currently listed at $119 w/ $4.99 flat rate shipping in the USA. While they're not the cheapest pair of breeches you'll ever buy they are going to last you many summers spent in the saddle. So you might as well splurge! 

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