Thereʼs no escaping this brutal Texas heat!

If you know me then you know I have a bald faced, blue eyed paint gelding that does not do well each summer. Sunburn from head to hoof and I cannot begin to list the number of products and money I have spent trying to find the best way to protect him against the elements during Summer.

Thatʼs until I got my hands on these two products; Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat SPF Spray for Horses and the EquiVizor Solar Vizor Horse Fly Mask. These two things have upped our game when it comes to sun protection and I have noticed a significant difference as we come to the end of summer 2023 in Texas.

Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat SPF Spray for Horses


  • Spray repairs bleached, burned, and sun-damaged hair, while maintaining the natural, true color of your horse's coat, mane, and tail
  • A quality blend of conditioners make your horse's hair more manageable, easy to detangle, and easier to comb 
  • Contains Sunflower Extract to protect horses against both dangerous and damaging UV-A and UV-B sun rays 
  • Maintains the natural, true color of horses' coats, manes, and tails; repairs bleached and burnt hair damaged from the sun's


  • You can quickly go through a bottle if you're using it daily to spray large patches on your horse which can become expensive

As of 09/14/2023 you can purchase a 2 pack of Healthy HairCare Sunflower Suncoat SPF Spray for Horses for $41 on Amazon. This product has been an amazing addition to our sun protection kit during our Texas summers. It's easy and much less messy when applying and you're still getting great, if not better, coverage for your horses entire body. My poor paints neck was a prime area for sunburn and after consistent use over this past summer I'm stocking up on this product for next year. I wish I had found this spray years ago instead of wasting my money on almost every product on the market!

EquiVizor Solar Vizor Horse Fly Mask


  • Ideal Protection For Horses With Medical Eye Problems! Unique Wraparound Band design keeps the Solar Vizor Fly Mask an increased distance UP and AWAY from your Horses’ Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it
  • University Ophthalmologist used and recommended! Medical protection benefits for horses with Uveitis (AKA Moon Blindness), Corneal Ulcers, Photo-Sensitivity, Eye Injuries, Head-Shaking Syndrome, Eye Cancer, Cataracts or Blindness 
  • Solid Durable EVA Lining across the top half of the Solar Vizor for complete sunlight block for Superior 100% UV Eye Protection! 
  • Safety breakaway Quick-Release clip system provides great size adjust-ability to customize the fit! No need to buy 2 fly masks - you can use the EquiVizor over the bridle for riding! 
  • Aids in Sunburn and Cancer Prevention! Excellent Protection from Flies, Insects and Harmful UV Rays! Designed to say ON your Horse and OFF the Ground


  • It's not the cheapest fly mask on the market

As of 09/14/2023 you can purchase the EquiVizor Solar Vizor Horse Fly Mask anywhere from $50 to $55 depending on the size you need. I have no regrets buying such an expensive fly mask as it has SIGNIFICANTLY, if not entirely, stopped my horse from getting sunburn on his face. I have one of those notorious horses who can't seem to keep a fly mask on or undamaged and after a full summers wear the fly mask is still in great shape for next year. I highly recommend trying out this fly mask!

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